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Saturday June 18
7:00 – 9:30 PM Ice Breaker Reception  Location: Franklin Square
200 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Provided by: Elementar Americas, Inc.
Including Philly Cheese Steaks, Beer, Wine and unlimited
Mini Golf and Carousel rides!
Sunday June 19 Location: The Academy of Natural Sciences
7:00 AM Sponsor Set-up – Commons room
8:30 AM Open Registration – Auditorium
9:00 AM Short Course #1
Introduction to Stable Isotopes
 Peter Stow
Isomass, Ltd.
10:00 AM Short Course #2
Elemental Analysis
 Paul Middlestead
GG Hatch Stable Isotope Labs
University of Ottawa
11:00 AM Break
11:30 AM Short Course #3

 Paul Eby
Alberta Innovates
12:30 – 1:30 AM Lunch – Commons
1:30 PM Welcome and Announcements  Scott Hughes – Conference Organizer
David Velinsky –
Director of Environ. Biogeochemistry
The Acadamy of Natural Sciences
1:40 PM Keynote Address:
High sensitivity nitrogen isotopic analysis of diverse sample types through conversion to nitrous oxide
 Dr. Daniel Sigman
Dusenbury Professor of Geological & Geophysical Sciences
Princeton University
2:40 PM Challenges in Preparation, Application and Maintenance of Stable Isotopic Reference Materials  Haiping Qi
USGS Reston, VA
3:00 PM Molecular Isotopic Engineering (MIE): Industrial Manufacture of Naproxen of Predetermined Stable-Isotopic Compositions for Novel Intellectual Property Coverage As Well as for Authenticity and Security Protection  John P. Jasper
Nature’s Fingerprint /MIT LLC,
Niantic, CT
3:20 PM Break – Posters/Vendor Tables
3:40 PM  An interface for purification and analysis of methyl chloride for chlorine isotope ratios (scavenger version)  Linnea Heraty
University of Delaware, Newark, DE
4:20 PM How to break quartz combustion tubes  Scott Hughes
EA Consumables, Pennsauken, NJ
6:00 – 9:00 PM Gala Banquet in Dinosaur Hall Sponsors:
Elemental Microanalysis – Drinks
Isomass Ltd. – Dinner
Sercon – Dessert
Monday June 20
8:30 AM Registration
9:00 AM Announcements
9:20 AM A history of the elemental analyzer as seen from the point of view of isotope geochemistry: why has it taken so long?  Chuck Douthitt
ThermoFisher Scientific,
9:40 AM Measuring trace 15N of whole rock samples.  Modifications to, and comparison of two EA systems  Stephen Taylor
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
10:00 AM 20 management tips – Take some and Leave some  Paul Middlestead
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
10:20 AM Break – Posters/Vendors
11:00 AM The precisION and isoFLOW. IRMS as a versatile foundation for novel isotopic analysis  Sam Barker
Isoprime, Stockport, UK
11:20 AM Fractionation effects when using smaller vials on a GasBench: Is it bad and can they be used?  Alison Pye
Memorial University, St Johns, NF
11:40 AM Storage of Gas Samples for IRMS Measurement  Paul Eby
Alberta Innovates, Vicotia, BC
12:00 PM US Department of Energy
Stable Isotope Production
 Joel Grimm
DOE, Germantown, MD
12:20 PM  Lunch
1:40 PM Methane Fingerprinting: Isotopic Methane and Ethane-to-Methane Ratio Analysis Using a Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer  David Kim-Hak
Picarro, Santa Clara, CA
2:00 PM Sulfur isotope analyses as a tool to enhance understanding of petroleum reservoirs  Craig Barrie
GeoMark Research, Houston, TX
2:20 PM Development and calibration of new natural gas d13C and d2H reference standards  Robert Dias
USGS, Denver, CO
2:40 PM Nitrogen isotopes on Mars  Jennifer Stern
NASA Goddard, Beltsville, MD
3:00 PM Break – Posters/Vendors
3:45 PM Group Discussions  Round 1
Topic 1  Combined NCS Analysis
Topic 2   N2O by bacterial denitrification
Topic 3  Incorporation of Laser Systems into Lab Settings
4:15 PM Group Discussions  Round 2 Allows shift to a different group
Topic 1  Combined NCS Analysis
Topic 2  N2O by bacterial denitrification
Topic 3  Incorporation of Laser Systems into Lab Settings
4:45 PM Where to next year?
Open Dinn/Pub Crawl instructions
6:00ish PM Open Dinner/Pub Crawl
Tuesday June 21
9:00 AM A simple method for simultaneous analysis of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur isotopes in dissolved organic matter  Sara Peek
USGS, Menlo Park, CA
9:20 AM Elemental Microanalysis has standards  Paul Stevens
Elemental Microanalysis, Okehampton, UK
9:40 AM The state of the art for GC combustion and  pyrolysis: GC-IsoLink II  Peter Stow
Isomass, Calgary, AB
10:00 AM The need for stable isotope working standards  Anja Moritz
Isospark, Dorval, Québec
10:20 AM Break – Posters/Vendors
11:00 AM Updated Methods for Compositional and Isotopic Profiling of Vanillin, Preliminary Research  Amanda Smith
Alcohol & Tabacco Tax & Trade Bureau,
Washington, DC
11:20 AM Bioapatite and matrix matching: Why using carbonate standards for analysis of tooth enamel is bad.  Penny Higgins
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
11:40 AM Modifications for nitrate and total N analysis from aqueous samples  Ben Harlow
Washington State University, Pullman, WA
12:00 PM Lunch
1:20 PM User Group Meetings


1:30 PM
2:00 PM
3:00 PM

Tours of The Academy of Natural Sciences
Collections and Isotope Lab
Tour #1
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Tour #3
  3:30 PM  PMGuided Tour – Philly Historic District
Meet at Independence Visitor Center